who we are

We’re no rookies. We have over 20 years of practical experience helping clients such as PepsiCo, Time Warner Inc, Coty, and Emirates Airlines gain remarkable advantages by embedding innovation into the DNA of their organizations. And, from our years of running Innovation Safaris in some of the world’s most disruptive organizations, we have amassed a wealth of first-hand insight into what it really takes to create breakthrough innovation.

We also believe that innovation requires a new business model. No one brief is the same, nor requires the same skillset. So we don’t operate as a traditional stand-alone consultancy. Rather, we operate as a brain trust — a collaborative of the best and most highly regarded innovation practitioners in their fields.

Our brain trust includes acclaimed strategists, creatives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, brand strategists, futurists, geeks, organizational psychologists, leadership experts, prototypers, design thinkers, and more. We all pour our intelligence, curiosity, diversity and idealism in every brief. And together, we find new ways to help you switch innovation on in your organization.

Meet our Executive Director
Caroline Chubb Calderon >


how we're different

Innovation consultancies are everywhere. They all embrace the ideology of innovation, yet many fail to have the practical experience to truly embed it in culture.

We occupy the space where strategy is humanized, where innovation moves beyond serendipity to everyday behavior, where fun meets legitimacy, and where disruptive ideas aren’t bequeathed, they are co-created.


First, be human — Bring your brain and your heart in all affairs. 

Create positive change — Make the world .001% more positive with everything you do. 

Be a radiator, not a drain — Energy, optimism, and passion are remarkably contagious.

Fail. Rinse. Repeat. — Failure gets you one step closer to breakthrough.

Be. See. Do. Exceptional — All people are brilliant; mediocrity is often an environmental symptom. Relentlessly create the conditions for your and other’s originality and exceptionality to surface.


Marvel — Ask questions. Be curious. Curiosity feeds inspiration. Inspiration beats compulsion.

Be bold — You’ll find bravery on the other side of fear.

Nurture sparks – You never know which spark will grow to change the world.

Create laughter — Happiness leads to success. Endorphins fuel the creative process.

Switch Off — Switching off is as integral to innovation as switching on. Chase new adventures, interests, and friendships to invite serendipity and refresh. Your time off increases your chances of seeing opportunities and making new, disruptive connections.