When it comes to developing innovation leaders, we don’t believe in theoretical and academic leadership work. We believe in immersive, experiential learning and real-world insights. Leaders who develop themselves while doing.

There is no better way to hone your innovation leadership skills than personally experiencing what hyper-growth leaders do day-in and day-out.

Every year, SWITCHED ON runs an exclusive executive innovation-learning program called Innovation Safaris. We immerse executives in some of the world’s most disruptive organizations to learn firsthand, leader-to-leader how they drive growth, consistently outperform, and create a humming ecosystem of innovation. We study disruption across the innovation spectrum — from the big-game innovators (such as Google, Apple, Zappos), to the up-and-coming start-ups changing our physical and digital future (such as Shapeways, Foursquare), to the remarkable social innovators who are changing the world (such as DoSomething, Purpose). Each holding powerful leadership insights about what it really takes to innovate. We then help you extract the real juice of their innovation formula and apply it back to your business.

SAFARIS deliver a brilliant dose of practical insights on how to create disruptive organizations. They give you an unparalleled opportunity to disrupt your thinking and walk back into your business with a tangible plan for how to get your own organization SWITCHED ON. 

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