When clients come to us asking to help them develop their innovative growth strategy, the first place we look is their purpose.

Why Purpose?

After over 20 years of experience, we have found that breakthrough strategies are underpinned, generated and sustained by a bold innovation purpose that brims with meaning.

The kind of meaningful purpose we are talking about stands for more than delivering ROI… it aims to deliver ROW™ —a profound and inspiring Return On The World.  Companies with powerful and aspirational ROWs deliver exponential growth.

We specialize in helping leadership teams clarify and align around a meaningful and profound purpose, and have created a proprietary methodology we call ROW™ CODE to help you define and achieve even your boldest innovation ambitions.

How Does It Play into Strategy?

The ROW™ CODE becomes the backbone and decision-making filter for all your strategic decisions. With this clarity, we work with you to chart your path to growth and define the best innovation model for your business.

This work is more than just arriving at a shared agenda — it is an interrogative process that helps you clarify the most profound answers to why you invent, where you will play, and how you will win. It’s the work that quickens your innovation pulse.

Peek into one of our unique offerings:






Employees’ job performance (measured in sales) increases by 5.2X when goals are framed pro-socially and backed with incentives that benefit others.

- E. Dunn and M. Norton. 



Consumers are 42% more likely to choose brands that “engage them on their passions and interests than those that simply urge them to buy the product advertised. As a result, their path to purchase becomes their path to purpose.”

- 2014 Google study, TNS Global and Ogilvy and Mather .



There is a direct link between purpose and profit. Businesses driven by purpose outperform the market by 384%.

- Former Procter & Gamble CMO Jim Stengel’s book “Grow” based on Deloitte’s latest workplace study. 



CEOs are prioritizing communicating values and purpose over business strategy to amplify stakeholder engagement.  While both are necessary, the CEO communication focus split is 63% on values and purpose, and 58% business strategy.

- PwC 2016 Global CEO Survey