Most consultancies will engage clients on an arduous organization-wide change journey in the name of building an innovation culture. But it often backfires because:

1. Every organization is unique and complex. These journeys tend to take such a broad-based approach that they often fail to tangibly move the innovation needle.

2. The battle cry for “innovation” is often so loud and expectations so high that early sparks of innovation are often snuffed out before they’re given a chance to play out.

3. Efforts often unleash so many innovation initiatives that your human and financial resources quickly deplete, leading to internal turf wars. 

4. When innovation hits your established culture, it gets stormed by corporate antibodies and beaten back down. What you’re left with is worse than where you began – an innovation-disheartened organization.

We believe efforts to build innovation culture need to start small and fly under the radar for a while. Innovation culture needs kindling, and we believe there’s no greater fire-starting power than pure, solid, indisputable proof.

That’s why we work with clients to create what we call MICROFUTURES™ – small areas within the organization where we can experiment with a variety of innovation and change strategies to create cultural prototypes of your future organization.

This “do and learn” approach enables us to learn what works in your organization and what doesn’t, gives us permission to fail (and fail fast, fail small, fail under the radar), get proof of concept, and define a positive, repeatable model we can scale.

MICROFUTURES™ meaningfully change cultures because they mobilize innovation movements. They are proof points of what’s possible. They become a beacon – and one that inspires belief and helps rally the forces and earn participation.

If you’re keen to explore how you could create a MICROFUTURE™ within your organization, give us a call to discuss some possibilities.

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